Thursday, 19 July 2012

Wonderful Elsecar

I found this rare old jam pot at last Sunday's antiques fair held at the Elsecar Industrial Museum. The stall holder told me that it has been sold, in a mixed box, at an auction in North Yorkshire a few days before. It's a less common shape (no. 286) than the rounder no. 288 jam pot, and it's painted in the same fantastic YM chevron pattern as this vase, which joined my collection just a few weeks ago.  This beauty is marked with the :) mark for Dorothy James and dates from the late 1920's.


  1. I need a Blogsy tutorial, Rob!
    Sweet little pot. Didn't realise there was an antiques fair at Elsecar. Xxxx

    1. Hi Curtise, I shouldn't think I have much to teach you about blogging. Its not a huge fair at Elsecar, and no vintage fashion, usually, but it makes for a nice Sunday morning. Do you fancy going together one time? - it'd be funny meeting up with you sober!


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