Thursday, 29 January 2015

Fond Farewell

These two pots were both painted by Doris Marshall who worked at Poole from 1926 to 1936.  On the right is YW pattern, shape no. 199; and on the left RS pattern, shape no. 570.  They were spotted on my website recently by a member of Doris' family and we agreed a sale.  As much as I love Poole Pottery, this was certainly one of the happier sales that I've made, thinking that they have returned back to the family of the woman who painted them all those years ago.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Good Ikea

This vase is a 1950's remake of the classic Chinese Blue glazed pots that John Adams was making in the 1920's and 30's.  Shape number 116, the glaze is much thinner and more uniform, and probably better behaved and consistent than those earlier pots, but the beauty is still in the running of the glaze exposing the red clay at the rim.
Sadly though, this is just one more pot with nowhere to go, as the last inch of space on my various overcrowded shelves and display cases was used up several weeks back.  It would be such a shame to hide any more pots away under the spare bed (even if there was any room there).  There nothing for it but to get some new display cases.
So I'm heading to Ikea tomorrow, for the start of what will be a fairly major project redecorating the spare room.  I'm quite excited at the prospect.  Decanting all the pots from their current home to other rooms around the house, I will take some pleasure from, though my partner may not. And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the end result, particularly having been inspired by the well displayed collections below.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Happy Birthday Blog

This blog is five year old today.  It's a little frightening to think about all the pots that have passed though my hands over that time. And even more frightening to think about all those that I've kept hold of.
I guess I'm becoming quite a seasoned collector, so it's lovely finding vases like this one with patterns that I've not seen before.  The Pattern is NA, painted by Anne Hatchard, shape number 349 and quite a dark red clay, and grey coloured ground that dates it to between 1922 and 1924.

Saturday, 10 January 2015


A bit of a change from the usual Poole stripes and quite an unusual pattern, at least it's not one that I've seen before.  This small spill vase, shape number 586, was painted in TS pattern by Marjorie Batt in the second half of the 1920's.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Happy New Year

First post of 2015, and not far off this blogs 5th anniversary. And still the post keep on coming.
This one was also a birthday present from last month, given to me again by my friend who I occasionally go to Newark and other fairs with.  We found this pot together in an antiques center in Salts Mill, Saltaire that always has a good selection of Poole and other classy stuff that my friend also likes.  He's been keeping it safe for the past 6 months of so, so I'd half forgotten what it looked like until I unwrapped it.  Shape number 353, painted in HI pattern, designed by Truda Carter in an unglazed style that was a development on the earlier unglazed wares designed by Jame Radley Young.  It was painted by Majorie Cryer in the late 1920's or very early 30's.
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