Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Small blue thing

This Chinese Blue glazed vase measures just 7cm tall.  It was designed by John Adams and dates from the early 1920's.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Strike fund

This week saw the start for the University and College Union 14-day strike. So my partner and me are both out on strike.  Suddenly having time our hands is giving us a little taste of what retirement may be like  As is the falling income that, in retirement for real, will fall even further if Universities UK get their way.
Anyway, on a positive note there are a few advantages to employers cheating on deals.  For a start, it does give you a rarely felt sense of being the master of your own destiny and not a wage slave. It's also given me time for walks in the late winter sunshine and time to post on this blog again.  And it's given me reason to list a few pots for sale n eBay, to contribute to my own personal strike fund. I think I have enough pots to hold out for years that way.
The pot above, I'll not be listing (unless the strike goes on for months), is an early Carter and Co stoneware vase.
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