Friday, 30 December 2011

A New Year Restoration

This jam pot (260/AS) has featured on my blog three times now. Once when brought from eBay, again when sold on eBay and now in the collection afterlife (they never really leave), complete with lid that was patiently waiting to be reunited .  It's not just a matter of finding any excuse to post a photo again, but I realised, before dispatching it, that I ought to get a photo of it looking complete (minus the wicker handle), with a matched EE pattern Jam pot lid.  And if does tie in nicely with the post below.  
So with some regret it's the last post for this AS bird and 2011. 
Happy New Year

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Break with Tradition

Slavishly following tradition, we're off to the sales later, braving the crowds.  But will have a nice mug of something hot to look forward to when we get back, served in my new Poole mugs.  
They were made, pretty recently, in a factory somewhere other than Poole (There's only a very limited production of more hand crafted pots in the town these days).   And there isn't much about these mugs that says "Poole" to me, other than the name on the base.  Being porcelain they're very practical.  I'm sure they will never craze, or crack, though the decoration might not be dish washer safe, and they must have been cheep to make, and cheep for me to buy too for that matter.   So I can comfortably use them (on high days and holidays), and of course what I do like is the nostalgic reminder of Poole's Heyday.  
Marked "Heritage Collection" and "Inspired by the Poole Pottery Archive" on the left is "Song Bird" based on the Art Deco AS Pattern designed by Truda Carter in the 1930's, and on the right "Corn Flower" is based on the YCS pattern designed by Alfred Read in 1953.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Delphis is not just for Christmas

This festive little bauble arrived from eBay a couple of weeks ago, and seems just about the most suitable pot I have for a final post before Christmas.  
Anyway, Angela Wyburgh painted this shape 49 Delphis pin dish in 1968.  She did a lot of symetrical flowery patterns, but this one has a bit more umph  about it, a little more explosive and space-age and  reminds me more of orbiting electrons than wandering stars. But, it'll do for the top of the tree and helpfully will keep shining long after the festivities are over.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All my birthdays at once

This is just part of a coffee set given to me by a friend, who wakes up early enough on a Sunday to find car boot treasures, and who's kind enough to give this one to me.  The whole set has cups, saucers and side plates too.  
This "Contour" tableware designed by Robert Jefferson in 1963/64 was a development on the earlier "Streamline" shapes that John Adams designed in the 1930's, and still used the "Twintone" glazes (in this case C57 - Ice green and Seagull).  However they have a much more modern and sculptural look with the elongated spout and the ergonomic handle shapes being particularly pleasing.
Alternatives to these velum Twintone glazes were latter made available in the form of shiny "Cameo" two colour glazes and several different printed patterns.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Birthday Pots

Here's the first of two Poole Pottery birthdays presents I've been given this year.  This one came as part of a weekend away to Chipping Camden.  I spotted it in Stuart House Antiques on the High Street and being my birthday my partner went and brought it for me.  So I'm feeling very lucky to own this lovely SP pattern spill vase (shape 205), painted by Margorie Cryer between 1927 and 1934.
Coincidently the last time we were in Chipping Campden I found this Poole spill vase in the same shop.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poole Pottery Seagull

I thought this seagull would be mobbed on the Poole Pottery Pages of eBay last week, but it flew  into my collection with hardly any feathers flying. At 27 cm from claw to wing tip, this shape number 816/3 is the largest of 3 seagull wall plaques Poole produced.  The birds were designed and modelled by John Adams and Harry Brown in the mid 1930s and sprayed in new Picottee glazes.  I think, this particular bird dates from the late 1940's.  
Up close the bird is much bigger and more 3-dimensional than I expected, and is certainly big enough to worry anyone of a nervous disposition.  So if you didn't fancy seagulls on your wall, and prefer to eat your fish and chips in peace, you could also choose flying ducks or better still bluebirds.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Not quite so alike as two peas in a pod

The gorgeous pot on the right came from eBay last week to join it's rarer greener twin. Of the two, If I'm completely honest I prefer the full colour version, but also love seeing the two side by side.   More about the Green one here on this post from April, and the new vase is the same shape number 122 and TY pattern painted by Ruth Gough between 1927 and 34.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Star Vase

I had to save up to buy this vase from a fellow collector.  It's made from red earthenware and has an impressed hexagonal trial mark.  It's also is a little bit famous, as a photo of this very vase appears on  page 69 of Robert Prescott-Walker's "Collecting Poole Pottery", and now it has a staring role in my own collection.  Shape Number 440 (5 1/2 inches tall), PI pattern painted by Clarice Heath between 1929 and 1934.    PI is a rare pattern that works beautifully with this shape and has the advantage or offering a great view from above.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Hiking Bear

Now this bear isn't even Poole, though it continues in an animal theme.  Its a "Black Forest" Swiss carving from the early 20th Century, I think, that I found on eBay last week.  I tend to keep an eye out for these when I'm wondering through antiques fairs looking for Poole Pottery.  I thought this one was particularly nice with its rucksack and walking staff.  I just need to find a match box of the right size for him to carry.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Whoa boy

This pot looks like its trotted straight out of a Franz Mark painting.  I don't often rustle other peoples images, and I don't often get giddy over figurines, but this but this little Poole Pottery pony, currently on eBay, has me seriously champing at the bit. And going by the current asking price, one of us punters will certainly lose our shirt.

Friday, 2 December 2011

NP Pattern Art Deco Vase

This is the most recent eBay arrival.  It was painted by Marjorie Cryer sometime between 1934 and '37.  It's not quite as old as I like them to be, but it has a very satisfying shape (no.113, 5" tall) and relatively unusual pattern.  
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