Tuesday, 18 August 2015


This shape of Bokhara vase crops up less often than the other two shapes.  It comes in two sized, and at eight and tree quarter inches this is the taller one.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Straight Champions!

Arrrrrrh! Half drunk on a Friday night, I can contain myself no more. Signing up for the latest Stonewall.org.uk campaign my employer is now looking for straight allies and fight my (gay) corner. Am I the only gay man that is uneasy about Stonewall.org.uk representing me?
Like every other gay men my age, I grew up with my sexuality more or less criminalised.  As a young gay man, I've enjoyed breaking the law on many occasions and my current employer would certainly have stacked me at the time, had I been caught.
That all changed because of me and the actions of hundreds of thousands of other gay men and lesbians, some of them paid a huge price.  The law and society changed because of mass sexual disobedience. Straight allies did not do that, they cannot understand how it was, or how it is now, no matter how lovely they are.
I worry that when your persecutor becomes your champion in one fell swoop, maybe they have just found some other way of treading you into the ground.
Above, is a plate from about the time when homosexuality was partially decriminalised, painted by Jean Millership.

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