Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Slight upgrade

I bought this fantastic looking vase a year, or so, ago, in a private sale, from a fellow Poole collector who I first bumped in to on eBay.  He was selling up much of his collection and was kind enough to do so in installments so I could buy quite a bit of it and spread the cost over a few months.
Any pattern with spots on is very collectable in my view and this CE pattern has the added joy of yellow vertical wriggles.  The shape is D353.  I have an almost identical vase that I posted here in the blog a couple of years back, but still thought this new one was worth collecting as it was made sightly earlier between 1921 and '22 and is made from grey semi-stoneware. I used to find the grey coloured slip on these earlier pots a bit dull, but these days think the grey gives these geometric patterns extra luminosity.
On the base there's a C enclosing a K mark, that isn't listed in the Hayward and Atterbury book.  I wonder if this may stand for the Kendall of unknown first name and gender who is recorded to have worked at Poole in 1922.  
There's a list of painters whos marks are not known in the collectors club magazine at https://picclick.co.uk/Poole-Pottery-Collectors-Club-Magazine-Summer-1997-112319188424.html#&gid=1&pid=3

Friday, 21 July 2017

0dd one out

These four shape 713 egg cups are the final lot I won at the Harvey Collection sale. The odd one out is LD pattern painted by Gwen Dry, the other 3 are AQ pattern and all painted by Hilda Trim.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

One night stand

These two shape 583 vases were sold together as lot 159 in the Cottees Harvey Collection sale, but they may never sit side by side again, as one almost certainly destined for resale on eBay (perhaps after at rest in a box under the spare bed). The vase at the front is CL pattern painted by Ethel Barrett in the first half of the 1920's. For me it has a charming combination of age and naivety and it will be proudly displayed next to my CL patterns bowl and candlestick.  The other vase is TI pattern byAudrey Miles who work at Poole between 1938-42.  

Friday, 14 July 2017

Great shape

Another pot from the Cottee's sale of the Harvey collection last month.  This shape number 608, KM pattern, footed bowl, painted by Ruth Pavely between 1922 and 1924, was lot 155. And a matching plate I appear to like so much that it got posted twice here and here.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Second hand

At the end of last month Cottees Auctions held a sale of Poole Pottery from the Harvey Collection and this pot (lot 148)  is one of several that I won.  Its shape number 422 (18 cm tall), QA pattern, and was made in the 1920's.  Its a later recreation of the Carter and Co unglazed stoneware pots and, with several firing flaws to its credit, really has the same spirit.
Its also had a notable life. Coming to me from the Harvey Collection (that I would love to know more about), it came to that collection from the 31st March 2004 Poole Pottery Archive Sale held at Christie's (part of lot number 36). So it didn't leave the factory gates until 2004 and in some ways (if you don't count Carter Stable and Adams, Pilkington's Tiles, who later took over the factory, and their successors and subsequent administrators who sold up at Christie's) I'm only the second owner in this pots 100 history.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Grapes pattern

This is a recent addition to my collection that I found at the Newark antiques fair last month.  I think its quite a nice, mid sized, shape in a pattern I also quite like. Shape 418 (16 cm tall), TR pattern painted by Ruth Pavely some time between 1925 and 1934.

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