Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A Break with Tradition

Slavishly following tradition, we're off to the sales later, braving the crowds.  But will have a nice mug of something hot to look forward to when we get back, served in my new Poole mugs.  
They were made, pretty recently, in a factory somewhere other than Poole (There's only a very limited production of more hand crafted pots in the town these days).   And there isn't much about these mugs that says "Poole" to me, other than the name on the base.  Being porcelain they're very practical.  I'm sure they will never craze, or crack, though the decoration might not be dish washer safe, and they must have been cheep to make, and cheep for me to buy too for that matter.   So I can comfortably use them (on high days and holidays), and of course what I do like is the nostalgic reminder of Poole's Heyday.  
Marked "Heritage Collection" and "Inspired by the Poole Pottery Archive" on the left is "Song Bird" based on the Art Deco AS Pattern designed by Truda Carter in the 1930's, and on the right "Corn Flower" is based on the YCS pattern designed by Alfred Read in 1953.

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