Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poole Pottery Seagull

I thought this seagull would be mobbed on the Poole Pottery Pages of eBay last week, but it flew  into my collection with hardly any feathers flying. At 27 cm from claw to wing tip, this shape number 816/3 is the largest of 3 seagull wall plaques Poole produced.  The birds were designed and modelled by John Adams and Harry Brown in the mid 1930s and sprayed in new Picottee glazes.  I think, this particular bird dates from the late 1940's.  
Up close the bird is much bigger and more 3-dimensional than I expected, and is certainly big enough to worry anyone of a nervous disposition.  So if you didn't fancy seagulls on your wall, and prefer to eat your fish and chips in peace, you could also choose flying ducks or better still bluebirds.


  1. Hello! I've recently been gifted three ducks and two seagulls by an Australian relative. One of the sesgulls arrived with about an inch and a half snapped off the outer wing (airport baggage handlers blamed!) Any recommendations for a professional repair service? I love your blog (and now want some Bluebirds!) and would be very grateful.


    1. Hi Paula, what a lovely gift, my seagull unfortunately has a broken wing too, now glued back on, but I only have myself to blame for that as i knocked it off the wall. I think they are quite vulnerable to that.


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