Wednesday, 21 December 2011

All my birthdays at once

This is just part of a coffee set given to me by a friend, who wakes up early enough on a Sunday to find car boot treasures, and who's kind enough to give this one to me.  The whole set has cups, saucers and side plates too.  
This "Contour" tableware designed by Robert Jefferson in 1963/64 was a development on the earlier "Streamline" shapes that John Adams designed in the 1930's, and still used the "Twintone" glazes (in this case C57 - Ice green and Seagull).  However they have a much more modern and sculptural look with the elongated spout and the ergonomic handle shapes being particularly pleasing.
Alternatives to these velum Twintone glazes were latter made available in the form of shiny "Cameo" two colour glazes and several different printed patterns.

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