Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A Rare Find on eBay

I went to the Lincoln Antiques fair on Tuesday this week, where I found a few Poole pots that I'm sure will appear here soon.  I'm off again on Friday to the Newark fair, where they'll be more, and if I'm lucky I might find something as rare as the pot above.   This vase is about 5" tall and was painted by Nellie Bishton between 1927 and '34.  It's shape number 112 which is quite common, but the pattern, GTY, is more rare and I've not seen many like this before.  At some point, probably when new, it was exported to the USA, but finally came back to Britain from Illinois a few months ago.  I love it when pots come home (Sheffield isn't so far from Poole!), although there are just as many that depart these shores, and that's nice too.  In the recent past, I've sent quite a few abroad myself, to Australia and the US and others to South Africa, and Spain.  Lincoln and Newark are both giant fairs and attract a fair few international buyers and sellers, but still they don't quite have the global reach of eBay. 


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