Monday, 25 April 2011

Extra XP Pattern Pot

This pattern is one of mine, and many peoples, favourites.  It's one of the few that has a nickname -Sweet Pea, and has lovely Art Deco motifs. The vase is shape number 199, about six inches tall, marked as TY pattern, ( I cant distinguish this from XP) and was painted by Miriam Jones.  I found it on Ebay last week. 
The Jam pot was one of the first Traditional pots that I collected.  It's shape number 288, XP pattern painted by Marjorie Batt.  Both the vase and jam pot date to about 1935.
I also have a shape 117 XP pattern vase- the same shape as the 199 vase, but 3 inches shorter in height. I know somewhere there must be a 115 shape in this pattern (that would be a middle-size) which I've yet to find.  There would be some satisfaction in showing an appearance of rationality to my collection, even if the actual shape numbers, and pattern names don't quite make sense.  To fund my search the jam pot was put up on eBay last night. 

More photos on on eBay here.

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