Saturday, 24 January 2015

Good Ikea

This vase is a 1950's remake of the classic Chinese Blue glazed pots that John Adams was making in the 1920's and 30's.  Shape number 116, the glaze is much thinner and more uniform, and probably better behaved and consistent than those earlier pots, but the beauty is still in the running of the glaze exposing the red clay at the rim.
Sadly though, this is just one more pot with nowhere to go, as the last inch of space on my various overcrowded shelves and display cases was used up several weeks back.  It would be such a shame to hide any more pots away under the spare bed (even if there was any room there).  There nothing for it but to get some new display cases.
So I'm heading to Ikea tomorrow, for the start of what will be a fairly major project redecorating the spare room.  I'm quite excited at the prospect.  Decanting all the pots from their current home to other rooms around the house, I will take some pleasure from, though my partner may not. And I'm certainly looking forward to seeing the end result, particularly having been inspired by the well displayed collections below.

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