Thursday, 12 July 2012

Troublesome Numbers

This Aegean vase is also painted by Diana Davis and, although quite different in shape to the one in previous post, it also has the same shape number (31). The trainspotter (or maybe Trekkie) in me really is unsettled by this anomaly. This particular shape 31 is slip-cast rather than hand-thrown,and there's at least one other slip-cast no. 31 shape that I've seen, either in Aegean and Delphis glazes (many of the same shapes were used for both ranges. Worse still, it's not only 31 that does this shape-shifting: 83, 84 and no doubt 85 are all equally plastic. The only way I've been able to put my mind (and need for order) at ease, is to tell myself that these numbers refer to the vase size and not the shape. 31 is a size number - and to be doubly safe both vases are now going away, back under then bed.

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