Saturday, 7 July 2012

A Wet Weekend Rummage

The plan for shifting my collection towards bigger, better and inevitably fewer pots might be working a bit too well.  In contrast to the weather outside, there seems to have been a complete drought in Poole.  Fortunately, the years of squirreling pots away under beds might finally have paid off, with a weekend of rummaging and photographing producing quite a stash of new pictures to post over the coming weeks.  
The first is a little 7 cm tall jug, with no shape number, made in the early to middle 1960's and glazed in Twin-tone colours Lime Yellow and Seagull (C103). 


  1. I hope you could me with my piece of Poole pottery.It's a biscuit barrel? in ice green and seagull grey complete with lid and wicker handle. The only markings are the Poole England stamp and indented shape marking 230. It has a 'teardrop' shaped handle as apposed to the streamline or contour range.
    I have also just bought a small oblong shaped dish in the same colour pattern.
    As a keen collector I'm intrigued but unable to find any details of dates of these items or value.
    Are you able to help?

    1. Hi, There is a bit more information about twintone on my website. You need to follow the link on right of this page to get there.
      Most Twintone tableware tends not to sell for very much money really, but it does mean that it's still quite usable as tableware - at least for best occasions.


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