Thursday, 5 June 2014

Snatched from the Jaws of Defeat

I drove down the A1, first thing this morning, full of hope and excitement for what I might find at day one of the Newark antiques fair.  Three hours later, I was driving home tired and empty handed, but then, I found this vase waiting for me, in a box, on top of the wheelie bin, where the the postie had left it.  The vase had been sent by a fellow Poole collector (together with another early vase that I will share another day).  In truth I was expecting it, but it arrived a couple of days early and just in time to save the day.
And what a trophy it is, this early unglazed Carter & Co vase, designed by Jame Radley Young. It dates from around 1914 and has a bit of a pre-Columbian look (a possible influence that was fashionable at the time), with it's three slightly animal head-like handles. This very vase also appears on page 57 of the Robert Presoct-walker book "Collecting Poole Pottery"

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