Sunday, 8 June 2014

Blue Stripe Ware

This is the second early Poole Pottery vase that arrived in the post this week.  Again, it's another James Radley Young design, this time painted by Ann Hatchard, right at the start of her career in about 1918.  It's 7 inches tall and appears to have inscribed writing on the base that reads no 148.
Finding all of these Carter and Co vases recently has prompted me to read again some of Jennifer Hawkins book "The Poole Potteries".  This is probably the most scholarly of the Poole reference books written. In her book Hawkins describes these pots in chapter 3 as "blue stripe ware" decorated with "plain stripes from top to bottom ...or rather more elaborate versions including diamonds and lozenges".
Reading about these early pots has also reminded me of a nice Carter & Co connection to my home city of Sheffield.  William Carter Unwin (chief sculptor in the architectural pottery) and James Radley Young, both trained at Sheffield School of Art, and Jame Radley Young's half brother Edwin Page Turner also born in Sheffield,  was the first identified painter at the Carter tile works.

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