Monday, 16 June 2014

More Poole Scenes

This photo was sent to me at the weekend by Nick, a fellow collector.  The back of the plate reads, "Poole Quay is from the Poole Scenes Collection.  Taken from an original print by Poole based artist, John Liddell" and underneath "Poole quay has been renowned for it's potteries from as early as the iron age.  Also legendary for smuggling activities in the 18th Century with the Customs House at the centre of a famous raid in 1747.  Poole Harbour is reported to be the second largest natural harbour in the world, and has seen many ships, from pirate to cargo, pass through its waters."

Poole Scenes were produced in the 1980's.  I have one plate depicting the Guildhall, posted on here a while ago, but two don't make collection, so there must be other scenes out there.  So any more photos will be gratefully shared.

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