Saturday, 19 May 2012

Something for the weekend

I've been the proud owner of the WL pattern sundae dish for a while now so high time I posted a photo.  It's shape number 482, five and a half inches in diameter, and was painted by Ethel Barrett who worked at Poole between 1922 and 1927.
Although the weekend is only half way through, my Poole ambitions have already looking up, with me lifting little more than a finger (or, at a stretch, maybe six fingers and a two thumbs).   The Cottees Poole Pottery Auction took place today and two bids I phoned in yesterday have come out on top.  I've also finally managed to smarten up the readers pots page on my website (that's what the fingers were for). And there's still tomorrow, and the Doncaster Race Course Antiques Fair to come.

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