Thursday, 3 May 2012

Sea Crest

I now have three of these storage jars designed by Guy Sydenham and Tony Morris between 1967 and '68. The Green glaze is Sea Crest: The other Blue Lace.  The larger Blue Lace jar has a really nice defined pattern of deep blue and frothy white with the whole jar becoming more frothy towards the top.  My latest addition on the right has the same blue glaze but it looks like it hasn't fired quite so well and has a more uniform mottling. 
This is the first of three Guy Sydenham related finds I've made this week, so more to follow later.


  1. Hey Rob - I love these little pots!
    How's it going? xxx

    1. hi Curtise, I'm glad you like them. I've got a matching salt,pepper and mustard pot to post next! We should all meet up again sometime and not leave it to Xmas. x


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