Friday, 27 January 2012

Unglazed geometric pattern jug

Here's a bit of retro design that came to me from eBay earlier this month.  These unglazed patterns (this one YX), designed by Truda Carter, date from the early 1920's, but were based on earlier designs by James Radley Young, who inturn was said to have been inspired by more ancient  Roman pottery that had been dug up in the local area.  The jug has quite a nice feel to it, very thinly thrown for the size of the pot (this one about 6 inches tall) and quite a hard metallic "ring".  With no shiny glaze to protect them these pots can get quite grubby, but they do wash up really well, I think quite safely, as the body is fired at a high enough temperature to make it quite impervious to water and stains.
The jug can now keep this vase company.

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