Saturday, 13 August 2011

Unglazed Poole Vase EV/979

I found this one on eBay last week.  It's an example of unglazed wares that Poole Pottery were making from about 1921 until the early 1930's.  The patterns were originally designed by James Radley Young for similar, but much more primitive looking, unglazed pots that he was producing during the the years of World War 1.  These patterns were later adapted by Truda carter.  The painting in brown and terracotta slips is much more precise than the earlier pots, and this example is EV pattern, painted by Hilda Trim.  The vase has a clear glazed interior, that's resisted crazing and the body was, I think, fired at a higher temperature and is as a result relatively less porous. Making it a perfectly usable and durable vase, though it was really quite grubby when it came to me.  It's 9 inches tall.

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