Sunday, 15 December 2013

Pots in Sheds

I think there's something about big, relatively plain pots, and maybe especially jugs, that can lead them on a road of social decline, ending at some point, to them spending time in the garden shed.
It seems that may have happened to this whopping 2 1/2 pinter, at least judging by the dirt in the bottom.  Its made from stoneware and dates from the early 1920's.  Has a shape number T315, but no decorators mark or pattern name.
It came from Ebay last week and has cleaned up quite nicely, but in doing so has also revealed the hairline flaw that probably led to it's original fall from grace.  So a disappointing buy, but in it's dirty state I'm sure the seller wouldn't have seen any damage and sold it quite honestly, and it's future now rest in my green fingers.

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