Monday, 2 December 2013

Come and Buy Me

Today (at least) I managed to resist the collective pressure of online retailers and TV media "news" reports, and not shop online during "Cyber Monday".  
Instead me and a friend visited the antiques fair at the Lincoln Show Ground: The results of which I'll photograph and post pictures here in the next few days.  Until then, it's high time I shared this jam pot that came from eBay a month or so ago.    
It was made in 1921 or '22 from grey coloured stoneware, covered unevenly with a grey glaze and decorated with repeated "sprigs" of blue flowers, with a pattern code H.  The shape number T288 is the same as the later and much more refined shape of jam pot Poole made throughout the later '20s and '30s. But here the bowl is more barrel like, the lid much more flat in profile, and there's no teardrop shaped finial.
It does feel like it comes from a more simple and less commercial time.  Which in 1921 must have been the very impression the makers intended. 

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  1. Having to comment on my own blog seems a little sad, but needs must as just noticed that I've posted the photo of this jam pot already at the start of November. So apologies for that, though I seem to have thought up more to write the second time round


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