Saturday, 6 October 2012

Tardy blogging

This Poole Studio bowl came from eBay, along with the pebble vase in the last post.  Nice they're still together after 50 years, even though the bowl has developed a small chip on its rim.  But maybe small resentments can creep into the best of relationships after that length of time. They were made for each other though, and it's hard that they've been separated, on my blog now at least,  for the past week.
Anyway, I've been in a new job for the last two weeks, and that seems to have crowded out my blogging time, but once I settle in I'm sure normal service will resume.


  1. Sounding rather poetic and metaphorical there, Rob! Hope the new job is going well, I am still unwell, been going on for weeks now and I'm fed up!
    Anyway, this should be about the pottery... Lovely bowl, a nice set! xxx

    1. Hi Curtise, the job is still making a nice change from the last one thanks. Hope your back to your old self soon so we can get you out on the beer again. xxx


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