Saturday, 13 October 2012

Jumping the Queue

These wonderful egg cups landed on my doorstep only yesterday, after been sold by a fellow collector, who  had found them a few years earlier on, listings in the US.  I was a stranger to this yellow and brown chevron pattern six months ago, but now, although I know its rare, I seem to be collecting more and more of it.  These two are marked DL, the others pots I have are marked YM, theres no logic to it but you can have a look at the others here and here.


  1. There is something so pleasing about the shape of an egg cup! Or is that just me?
    Should I start collecting Poole now you have started me off, Robert? xxx

    1. Hi Curtise, I think your right about the shape, and even better with a egg on there - will look like little acorns - so I'm thinking about using them for breakfast tomorrow.
      It would be nice to have another collecting buddy, though I'm not sure I'll be able to join in with the frocks. Anyway, banish that thought, once you have one pot it's hard not to start adding to it and there's lots out there for the both of us. xxx


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