Friday, 3 August 2012

Green Lantern

On the way back home from our summer holiday this week we took a bit of a detour, to the Wooley and Wallis sales room in Salisbury, to collect the lot I'd won in their June Arts and Crafts sale.  The photo doesn't do this little lustrous gem justice.  It stands just 11cm tall, on a base that's only 4cm in diameter.  There's a thick pool of lapis lazuli glaze around the circumference of the base which has been  been ground down to make a level footing and visible within that is the white stoneware body and the inscription "Carters". It's my earliest Poole vase (they don't come much older), and is from a range of lustre wares designed by Owen Carter between 1900 and 1908, decorated in reduced metallic glazes that he developed with James Radley Young and Alfred Eason.


  1. Peter from Canada3 August 2012 at 08:00

    Dear Rob I hope you had a great vacation. What a wonderful treat to be bring home! I adore it.

    1. Thanks Peter, it was a great holiday, unusually for the UK this year the sun was shining most of the week.


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