Friday, 28 January 2011

Twintone C54

This set of four, Streamline, Twintone egg cups came from eBay.  They are in the Sepia and Mushroom colour pairing coded C54, which is just about my least favourite, but was the first glaze pair put together at Poole back in 1936.  The Streamline Tableware shapes were designed by John Adams a year before.
I think, when collecting anything, you start to get ideas about how the collection should look - it's probably not possible to get an example of everything ever produced so you have to be a bit selective. With Twintone I have my favourite colour combination - in which I would like every shape, and I decided to collect one shape in which I'd like to get every colour.  This started out with preserve jars, where the lids are one colour the bodies another.  I was a bit uneasy though, as with this way of separating the colours, there was nothing really to keep the right coloured lid on the right base.  It's taken me a while to come round to a change of plan, but I've now settled on egg cups, where the two colours are all on the same piece and here you get 4 for your money and a tray thrown in too.

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