Sunday, 16 January 2011

Perfect Art Deco Chinoiserie

One of the nice things about Art Deco is the way it incorporated motifs found on older artefacts, usually from more exotic cultures.  They were particularly heavy on Ancient Egypt (which isn't surprising given the excitement of the tomb discoveries  in the preceding years - Tutankhamun's tomb was excavated in 1922).
Poole Pottery in the, 20's and 30's was no exception to this and the pots abound with Ancient Egyptianesk decoration.  But this jug looks elsewhere, like the sightly "willow pattern" look of the early FX  bluebird pattern, this jug has the most gorgeous Chinese inspired decoration.  It's fantastically well designed and painted, with very narrow bands of overlapping colour that really start to sing in places.
I find it hard not to get over excited by this one.  So coming down to earth, the pattern is LP, shape number 905, which makes it about 5 inches tall, thrown in red earthenware.  It's in factory fresh condition, really quite rare and came to me from eBay this week.

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