Friday, 4 June 2010

Traditional Poole Geometric Pattern Pot HB 583

I shouldn't have bought this one, as I already have a small vase with this pattern and another geometric pattern vase in the same shape.  My plan been to get as many different patterns in different shapes as I can.  But I couldn't stick to that - as this one looked so good.  It stands just 8.5cm tall and was painted by Ruth Gough between 1927 and 1934.


  1. I have this pot and I love it too!! It's great to see that somebody else appreciates this small pot's crisp, simple lines. I knew it was old, but I had no idea it dated back that far. I will be more careful with it now :)

    1. Hi, it's good to know your treasuring your vase. Your message prompted me to read this blog post again too. It's remarkable how unsuccessful I've been at limiting the collecting of these little geometric patterned pots since i posted this in 2010. Rob


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