Thursday, 24 June 2010

Poole Flying Bluebirds

I've had some really successful visits to antiques fairs so far this summer.  These are my latest find from the Keddleston Hall Antiques Fair in Derbyshire last week.  The small one (the fledgling) has had a hard landing at some point and lost its tail, which was badly glued when I found it.  A bit of soaking in water and rejoining and you can hardly tell now though, and even with the damage £4 for all three was a steal.

They're shape number 807/1, /2 and /3 and were designed and modelled by John Adams and Harry Brown in the mid to late 1930's and sprayed with the "Picotee" glazes (used for the stripy pots of the same name)  These particular bird's probably date from about that time, and would have been sold separately , but the 3 make up the complete set.  Seagulls and of course the ubiquitous ducks were also available from Poole, and while these were made by other potteries too, I think bluebirds would have been a unique production from the Poole Pottery, lifted, as they are, straight from the popular PB pattern on vases and pots.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rob,
    I remember seeing these in a friend's home in Parkstone! They look to be in excellent condition so a super find -congratulations!


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