Sunday, 28 February 2010

Delphis Bowl Shape Number 76 Rosina St Clayre

Delphis Bowl shape number 76 Rosina St Clayre (1971-73). I've been having a bit of a rearrangement of my display cabinets at home. The results of which I might post on here next week. They'd got so crammed with pots that you couldn't see what was in there. Anyway this was hiding at the bottom of one, and taking up a fair bit of room too as its nearly 9" in diameter. It's a great hand-thrown shape but needs to be seen in the round really to show that off and not shoved at the bottom of a cabinet or, the other option for so many of my pots, under the bed! So I'm going to list this one on eBay later today, and thought as I had the photos, it would be nice to give it a final airing on here before it goes.

It's now been sold on eBay to an Australian buyer for £38

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