Saturday, 13 February 2010


Atlantis dates from about 1969 and came from the Poole Craft Section headed up at that time by Guy Sydenham. The range has a similar look to Guy's solo work at the time.

This bowl is made from high fired red earthenware, but other Atlantis pieces have a grey stoneware body. It was thrown and carved by Catherine Connett sometime between 1973 and 1976, and is stamped with her 2 interlocking back-to-back Cs (like the Channel logo). The throwers were encouraged to mark their work at Poole for the first time by Guy Sydenham, in recognition of their individual artistic contribution.

Atlantis ware isn't all that common: I think when it was made it was quite expensive and production relatively time consuming and small scale. This is the first bit of Atlantis that I've found for my collection. Usually it's too expensive for me, but this one isn't perhaps the most exciting shape and as such it was a bit of an eBay bargain.

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