Wednesday, 14 March 2018


I've spent many hours, scrolling through eBay, trying to find full-sized, and usable, twin-tone tea cups.  They are so hard to find, because they are so massively outnumbered by, and look just the same as, their coffee sized brothers.  The impractical demitasses that survive so well, unused for years, in a thousand china cabinets.
But for once is was the diminutive size of this coffee cup, saucer and cake plate that caught my eye as a buy-it-now lot on eBay last year.  The 5 cm tall cup (shape number 664) and the saucer (665) were painted by Ruth Pavely in the EE pattern which does look at it's absolute best on this scale.  And though it's size and fine crazing make it impractical for use, it is ideal for display in my own china cabinet.
The soft focus on the photo isn't deliberate, but does perhaps quite suit this romantic and rather useless little cup

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