Friday, 22 May 2015

One I Hit

Sorry as I was not to win the vase shown in the previous post, I was chuffed to get this one last month: The pattern code is CE and it's a pared back version of the same pattern.  I bought it from a fellow collector on eBay.
One thing I love about this pattern, is how it exemplifies so well a Poole style that spans time, from the earliest tin glassed vases designed by James Radely Young in the 1910's, through to the contemporary patterns of the 1950's that are still so typical of their age. There's really no difference between pots made over a time of such massive change, that even forced the closure of the factory for 5 years during the second of the two world wars within it.  The pots all have the same colour glazes, the same infilled shapes and wiggly lines: Some of them were painted by the same women.
This pot has on its base the DM initials of a painter that still hasn't been identified, the shape number 353, a white spot that's possibly a trial mark and the first CSA factory stamp.

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