Saturday, 7 March 2015


Although Poole collecting is very nerdish, I do want to make it clear that (generally) I have a much stronger emotional attachment to people than I do pots. Never-the-less pots do have a bit of a pul, and with pots I do feel emotions, such as interest, curiosity, joy and excitement (especially when I find something new) and maybe greed, avarice, pride.
Last week while clearing some shelves of pottery to make way for a new display case (that will never be big enough), I felt something new: It was oppression.  Standing in the spare room surrounded by Pottery on all four sides (five, if counting the boxed under the spare bed) that perhaps isn't surprising.  Maybe guests stopping over, although they have never said, might have felt the same in the past (perhaps thats why they never return?).
Anyway, the result is ten pots listed on eBay last week, including the cat-like face Delphis bowl above (shape number 57, painted by Anne Godfrey in the last 1960's).

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