Friday, 5 December 2014

Newark Bonanza

I've returned empty handed from the last few Newark fairs. But on Thursday those early, cold, damp mornings were finally rewarded.  The showground seemed full of stuff that I'd never seen before and maybe never will again. There was a knitted Dalek, a zebra's head, and a huge set of children's building bricks with illustrated instructions for building a range of  Escheresque mausoleums.
And then there was so much Poole. So rare that it would have shone in any collection. So much that I had to leave some of it behind. Including these shape No. 4 Delphis plates below that were a little out of my price range. Though the empty stand is a bit of a give away that I took at least one small prize from this stall too.  I'll post that soon along with my other treasure from the day.


  1. No photo for the Newark Bonanza.

  2. Sounds very exciting, can't wait to see what else you got!


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