Friday, 14 November 2014

Real Love?

I do worry that this blog might give an impression that there is only room in my heart for small ceramic objects.  Of course, that isn't really true: I was touched tonight by the John Lewis penguin Real Love Xmas ad.
John Lewis must love making money, but I think they could have manipulated me so much better if only they had thought to include just one gay or lesbian couple beside the four or five (six, I think including the penguins) heterosexual couples shown in the ad.  I would have got my wallet out for that. But maybe they had thought of it, and thought that maybe gay love, isn't after all "real love"! Now, that's not very festive of you JL.
Anyway these guys say it better And sticking to what I do best - it's a little cream jug 326/GT.


  1. This is what John Lewis had to say - though they appear to have sent me answers to every imaginable question

    I am sorry to hear that you did not connect with our Christmas advert.

    Is it safe for Monty to be living in a British home?
    Monty is not a real penguin. He is a figment of Sam's imagination. Adelie penguins' natural habitat is the Antarctic.

    Why does your ad always feature a young boy?
    Across the years we have had a diversity of characters from men, women, snowmen, snowwomen, bears and hares appear inacross all of our adverts.

    Why is Mabel in a box?
    Mabel is a toy, and was gifted in a box for Christmas.therefore she was gifted in a box.

    Why is Sam always alone?
    Sam is not alone in the ad. In some instance his Mum and Dad are not in shot.

    Can I see you at the store?

    Yes, you can visit Monty's Dden in all of our stores across the country.
    Marketing to confirm Monty availability in all stores - yes it is in 41, just not in St Pancras or Heathrow

    Why is Monty's Magical Toy Machinethe Imagination station only available in Oxford Street?
    Monty's Magical Toy Machine is at John Lewis Oxford St but Monty's Den is at all shops across the country
    The imagination station is available across the country. LINK
    When is your advert next on?
    You can watch the ad on YouTube LINK

    Accusations of ripping off other ads, stories concepts,
    Case by case
    Please send through any questions like this to PR and Simon Hayward
    PR to decide on answer.

    Why are Monty and Mabel in a traditional relationship?
    Please send through any questions like this to PR and Simon Hayward
    PR to decide on answer.

    General Negative Message
    Do not engage. Flag case by case if influencer.

    Animal rights - 'is that a real penguin?'
    No this is not a real penguin. Monty and Mabel have been created using This is entirely CGI. You can see making of the ad here LINK

    Humanising of character 'parrots don't do that'
    Monty is a figment of Sam's imagination.

    How much did it cost to make?
    All details of the advert can be found at See official press release 2014

    Why are M&M in a traditional relationship?
    Case by case response

    Yours sincerely,


  2. Blimey! That's hilarious!
    Spend your gay cash elsewhere,I reckon.
    Did you see the piss-take of last year's JL ad?
    Made me laugh.
    How are you, love? Drink i the new year? xx

    1. Hi Curtise, I'd not seen that link, thank you for sharing. Catching up over a New Year drink is a great idea. Was in the Red Deer last week for the first time in ages. Thought about you and Dave et al then. Lots of pleasant drinking memories. We'll have to set a date. Xxx


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