Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Be Careful What You Wish For

A couple of posts ago (leaky), I was bemoaning the crack on the side of the EE pattern soup cup I'd bought from eBay and wishing that another would turn up.  And then behold, they appear, in the least expected place, and with matching saucers too!
I  was in the Yorkshire Dales with my partner last weekend, and late on Sunday afternoon, walked through a village at the bottom of Wensleydale called West Burton.  West Burton only has one pub and one shop, and while we made good use of the pub,  it was in the antiques shop that I found these soup cups.
They were painted  in TK pattern during the early 1930's by Marjorie Cryer, and there are seven in total. The six above are made from red clay and one of those has a broken handle, glued back on.  The seventh is made from white clay with a pink coloured base, which dates it to a couple of years later (it's still painted by Marjorie Cryer), and it has slightly different decoration on the handles.  So I imagine the original owner of the set must have purchased this seventh cup as a replacement at a time when they were still quite new.

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