Friday, 25 July 2014

eBay's Finest

The little bee that forms the finial of the honey box got me thinking about all of eBay's busy bees who put in so much effort to describe their lots in every detail, photograph them from every angle, and then post them so quickly to the winning bidders. All at the cost of postage and done in peoples spare time, no doubt, juggled about work and other commitments.
The honey box arrived yesterday.  I won it at a real-life auction held by Burstall and Hewett about 6 weeks ago (with an online bid of course).  Paid for the same day, it still took several phone calls and emails to get it here, even 6 weeks later and at a cost of postage far more then I've ever paid on eBay. And now it's arrived it turns out that there are several small chips, including one to the lovely bee finial, that were not described in the condition report.

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