Thursday, 3 April 2014

Out of the Potting Shed

This little plant pot and drip tray arrived from eBay, complete with a little limescale around the base from 90 or so years of use, but otherwise in pristine condition.  So maybe potting compost doesn't stain Poole plant pots like jam or marmalade seems to stain Poole preserve jars.  Shape number 561 (pot) and 562 (tray) about 4 inches tall, painted in AQ pattern by Gertie Warren in about 1927, this little plant pot seems like rare survivor.  I tend not to buy, or post many photos, of these "sprig" patterned pots, but this pattern has a nice Art Deco angularity and I've not seen many plant pot shapes before either. And I think the the local garden center would charge more than £10.76 for something quite horrible and mass produced.

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