Sunday, 16 March 2014

100 Years Ago - Where it all began

I stretched myself a little to buy this vase from eBay last week.  It's just over 5 inches tall and made from a white stoneware.  The base has been left unturned and you can feel all the trowing ridges that have been unevenly covered in a white tin glaze, then painted by a slightly wobbly hand.  There's no shape number or pattern code, but just the painted mark used by Anne Hatchard (1918-36), and a CARTER & CO stamp that I imagine was more commonly used on their tiles.  Dating to about 1918, vases like this were the forerunners of all that was to follow at Poole Pottery over the next couple of decades.
I'm very chuffed to own it and can see it being my favorite vase for quite a while.

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