Saturday, 15 February 2014

Newark Jam Pot

This TR or Grapes Pattern jam pot was painted by Ruth Paveley.  At £20 I thought it was a real bargain last week at Newark and brought it home with me.  Unfortunately having got it home I've spotted, what is, a very good restoration to a chip, on the lid, by the spoon hole. 
Fairs are quite tricky at times for this. As everything is sold as seen and it's hard to check in such detail, especially as sometimes, when I see a pot I like, I'm too excited to check condition well enough.  In many ways eBay is safer in that the onus really is on the seller to describe any faults, and if not you can seek some redress.  


  1. I'm afraid that the excitement of seeing something at a fair has led to far greater oversights than the above. Have felt sickeningly stupid on more than one occasion. I also think the dealers involved were quite honourable.
    Your pot is still very nice.

  2. Hi Mark, your right the pot is still a nice one. Nice enough for someone at sometime to have done a really good repair on it. I'm sure it convinced the seller as much as it did me.


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