Sunday, 5 January 2014

Around the Houses

I tried to buy this vase unsuccessfully, online from the Reeman and Danisie sale in Colchester, at the start of December last year.  It was for sale as part of a lot of two similarly shaped vases. The rustic "unfinished" surface makes for very certain identification.  Luckily, a second chance came within a couple of weeks when it turned up on eBay.  Quite a few pot seem to surface at auction houses only to reappear on eBay. There may be a profit to be made there, but I think in this case the original buyer may have been after one vase and not the other.  I would have been happy with either, and would have kept both, but this way at least the joy is shared.
This style of unglazed  pottery was developed by James Radley Young, through the war years, from 1914. It is signed on the base Carter Co Poole (mark used from 1908 until 1921), together with an inscribed No.9 and a painters mark M-C.

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