Friday, 26 July 2013

Irene Kerton Charger

After many years of collecting, this is only the second shape no 5 (14") Delphis plate I own.  I guess that's because there are not so many about and when they appear they tend to be snapped up quickly for pretty high prices.  Painted by Irene Kerton in 1968 or 69.


  1. Hi Rob,
    You do have good taste. Really like this one of Irenes. I worked with Irene & we became friends when I first started PP in 1969. She then left & went to London to work in Briglin Pottery.
    I have quite a bit of the pottery today ,its really rustic. I always bought a bit when I visited her in London. We meet up occasionally . Janet.

    1. Thanks Janet, I was lucky to get this and have it on my wall next to my other shape no.5 plate painted byJean Millership. Of course I still need to find one that you painted, but hopefully one day I will.


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