Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Stripy Purple Vase

I returned empty handed from the Lincoln antiques fair today.  There were a few Poole Pottery items at this giant fair, but only one pot that dated from before the last 1960's and that was cracked.  Which makes me realise again just how hard collecting would be without eBay.  
The 4 inch tall beaker or spill vase above, was sold online earlier this year.  Painted by Ethel Barrett during the early 1920's in LC pattern, one of several Truda Adams adaptations of the "Portuguese Stripe" patterns designed by James Radley Young in Poole's earlier years.


  1. Very pretty. How was Lincoln? I think we need a drink and a catch up, Robert! xxx

    1. There was lots more at Lincon to see besides the lack of Poole, and lovely weather for it too. A night out soon would be great. Xxx


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