Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Pottery and Politics

I remember once a BBC TV "Bargain Hunt" presenter describing Poole Delphis patterns as looking like vomit.  Which of course is a rubbish opinion, and the Christine Tate 5 inch pin dish above is pretty gorgeous for anyone with eyes to see. 
But then looking at it today, of all days, I do feel a bit green. Having grown up in the North of England during the 1980's, seeing the devastation of factory closures, peoples lives and communities torn apart, described at the time as " a price worth paying". The hatred shown by the the the Conservative Party, in government then as now, to anyone who was different.  So gay men and lesbians in their "pretend families" were singled out in new legislation to prevent them from "promoting" their "lifestyles as equivalent",  and Nelson Mandela was condemned as a terrorist.... I could just go on and on really, but I'm still not convinced that politics and pottery mix well.  
But maybe we'd live in a happier country if people were a bit more willing to express their feelings, could be a bit freer in the patterns they paint on pin dishes and listened a little less to BBC commentary on pottery or politics.


  1. Ooh, well said, Robert! Don't listen to the Today programme, it sets you off in a bad mood for the rest of the day. I like the swirly psychedelia of the dish. But then I like bright colours and lary prints! xxx

  2. Politics and pottery not mixing well!
    Think they're perfect companions....dont stop!


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