Saturday, 10 November 2012

Chicken brick?

I remember keeping a lookout for one of these twin-tone butter boxes for quite a while before finding this one. I really loved it's Tupperware looks - not a bit like pottery really -so it's not helping at all with my current feelings of ceramic cold turkey.
It must be well over a week since I last found any Poole Pottery, but I am hoping to make up for this next weekend.  Cottess Auctioneers in Wareham have just sent me the catalogue for their latest Poole Pottery Sale on Saturday 17th November.  It's like eBay on speed.  And although the sale is too far for me to travel to, they do a great packing service.


  1. Ebay on speed? Sign me up!
    I was surprised by your post title, thinking it unlikely that Poole made a Chicken Brick... But I see the resemblance!
    Tupperware party round yours then?!
    PS. How's the job? xxx

    1. Hi Curtise. I was struggling to find an interesting title, but think that one is even more lame than usual. I guess it's kind of brick shaped, rather than chicken shaped, and far to small to hold a whole chicken, and probably not oven safe either.
      The job is still good, too good maybe as I think that's taking my mind off collecting. We haven't made plans for a Xmas drink, is if too late to arrange?


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