Monday, 10 September 2012

On eBay this Week

This model "The Bull" was designed by Pheobe Stabler in about 1914 and must have been made at Carter Stabler and Adams soon after the company was formed in 1921.  
Its currently on eBay and in true eBay spirit the seller started the listing at £0.99, but by the time I found it on there, eight hours later, it already had a bid of £900, with six days yet to go! So unfortunately I'll be leaving this one and make do with the image I've pinched (hope the seller doesn't mind).
See here for the full listing


  1. Good lord! Am I being a total philistine by saying I don't like it very much? Probably!
    Hope the new job is going well, I'll get back to you about night out dates, I promise. xx

    1. No I think you have fabulous good taste Curtise. But since your not a fan of this, if you see any similar at the next kids school fair, I'm sure you wouldn't mind buying it for me! I've still not started the new job yet, 24th is the big day. x

  2. Sold for £2735.00 plus postage


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