Friday, 29 June 2012

Poole Scenes

I found this plate on eBay a few months ago.  My first thoughts were that it was made very recently, and most likely in Staffordshire or China, but after some expert advice I can now happily say it was made in Poole in the 1980s.  I like the graphic look that's much like a wood cut print.
The back of the plate has the a Poole trademark that reads "Poole Scenes - the Guildhall", and the following rather inane text: "The Guildhall is from the Poole Scenes Collection. Taken from an original print by Poole based artist John Liddell.  Built in 1761, the Guildhall is a fine Georgian building constructed from red brick, white stone quoins and keystones. The guildhall has weathered many historical changes throughout its life on Market Street with the last major restoration works taking place in 1971. During the 1940's the Guildhall was converted into an American Red Cross Building."
My plate came complete with stickers on the back for £9.95 and a red one that reads REDUCED TO £5.00, so I guess it wasn't a good seller at the time.
Not to be confused with the Poole Custom House


  1. Hello Rob,

    This Guildhall plate was made in Poole Pottery & was screne printed I think in the 80s.

    1. Hi Janet

      Thank you for that. It's older than I thought then, and I like it all the more for having been made in Poole. I'll amend the post.


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