Saturday, 16 July 2011

Another costly departure

This is the first undamaged piece of Poole nursery ware to join my collection.  I've not bought any in the past, because there's not much about and what there is is usually quite expensive.  This one seems like a bit of a bargain though, so I snapped it up from eBay, but it's a false economy as now I'll have to find others to go with it!   
Anyway its from the Nursery Rhymes series designed by Dora Batty in 1921-22.  This particular plate features a fine lady, a white horse (not the cock horse - that's ridden by the story teller) and Banbury Cross.  It's painted by Anne Hatchard on a grey glaze which dates it to the early 1920's.  It's surprisingly small at 5 inches in diameter. 

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